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5 Steps to Improve your Website Landing Pages

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5 Tips to Design a Successful Landing Page

Wondering how you can improve your landing pages, therefore, enhancing the conversion rate of your website? Here are 5 steps on how you can enhance your landing pages.

Do not provide many options

We all prefer having options, but too much can be frustrating and confusing. This is the same with creating landing pages. You need to keep it simple and organize so that people can make up their minds quickly. People normally have short attentions pan so you need to keep your website easy to understand. The content of your website should always be relevant to the products and services that you promote. Unnecessary links and options will cause your visitors to click through your pages and go somewhere else, and this will affect your website’s bounce rate.

Make use of white space and a strong call-to-action

Disorganized websites can cause your visitors to remove their focus on your page. The use of white space in your website can greatly make your client respond to your page’s call to action. It is advisable for you to have a minimum of three strong call-to-actions in each page.

Boost your Credibility or Trust Factor

To make your visitors feel comfortable and secured, you need to add significant trust factors into your website. You should reassess the design of your website to ascertain if it meets promotional standards.

Having you or your team’s picture can help establish a trusting relationship. You need to place some testimonials or product reviews on your website to show that your business is legit.

Your Call to Action should shine brightly.

The words and button that you use for your landing page’s call to action is the bread and butter of your business. Make them big and bold so that they can catch the attention of people and give them the impression that you can help solve their problem.

Testing and monitoring your website and landing page’s performance

These tasks are very important in optimizing your landing page. It is a bad practice when people do not improve their websites. For you to know which areas of your landing page needs improvement, you can consult the statistics contained in Google Analytics.

How to Build Better Landing Pages

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create successful landing-pages

When I started with internet marketing many years ago, I encountered the term “landing pages” and I am not really sure what it means. So I searched for the definition and found out that it is a single sales copy that is displayed when a link has been clicked by a visitor after searching for a keyword.

When you use Google and enter a keyword, it returns a search results page that shows many websites that were optimized for that keyword. When you click on the link of the website, you will be landing on any of the pages within that website, which is the landing page. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the website’s homepage.

If you own a website and you want to promote your products or services, then you can make use of landing pages that will eventually require your reader to convert or purchase your offer.

A sales letter landing page should be designed to prompt the reader to perform a single specified action and distraction in the page should be minimized. Irrelevant links and navigation bar should not be placed because you want to keep your visitors in your landing page and not go somewhere else in your site.

How to Develop the Content of your Landing Page

You need to describe in your landing page your products and services and how effective they are. However, your visitor has a problem and he is searching for the solution. Remember that the content should be focused on your client and how will his problem be solved.

The way that your landing page should be written is that it should be convincing enough that you can provide the solution to his problem. You can create a headline that asks a question and this will let your prospective client that he is in the correct site or not.

When you want to lead your visitors further into your landing page, you should focus more about the problem that your visitors have. You can show your prospects that you know what they are going through and that you want to help them. Finally, offer them your product or service which is the solution to their problems. Your content should be convincing enough so that you can get them to buy your product.

Increasing Conversions with Effective Landing Page Designs

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You might be happy to hear that your webmaster is willing to design your landing page so that you can increase your website’s conversion rate. But it is your first time to hear the term “landing page”. Based on its name, a landing page is a page in your website where prospects land after clicking an ad or a link and then accomplish a certain action.

Here are some tips that can help increase conversion through landing page design:

1.      Your landing page should be goal oriented.The purpose of your landing page is to compel your readers to perform a single identified action. Having different links gives them a lot of options to choose from and this hinders your goal to do that single action that is according to what you want. Use bold letters for the call to action and repeat it all through the landing page so that it can be totally absorbed by your readers.

2.      Your landing page should be client-centered.

It is imperative to state in your landing page the benefits your clients will obtain from your products and services. They are not interested with the awards that you received. If you put your clients first then you will surely succeed.

3.      Keep your landing page organized.

If your landing page is cluttered, then you will lose your prospects easily. Never write in paragraphs, instead use bullets to emphasize your points.

4.      Constant Branding across the page

Throughout the page, let your brand standout. Clients and prospects feel honored if you involve them in celebrating your success and in sharing your company’s story. Use headings for essential things in your webpage.

5.      Make your landing page interesting enough

The content of your landing page should be interesting for your reader to go further down the page. Prospects arrived at your landing page because they are wondering that may be you have the solution to their needs or problems.

How to Create Effective Landing Pages Easily

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create landing pages easily

Having a website is not enough if you want to sell your products or services online. What you need is a landing page that can help you get the traffic that you need from the web going to your products and other offers. Landing pages can also get you leads and obtain measurable results for your marketing efforts.

Get to know more about Landing Pages

A landing page is the page in your website where visitors arrive at after clicking one of your banner ads, links in emails and newsletters, and also campaigns under Google Adwords. Once they arrive at your landing pages, it is now your chance to attract and convince them with your offer so that they will click that “Call to Action” button which will convert those visitors into loyal customers.

Now that you understand what a landing page does, then it’s time to find out how to create your own landing pages easily.

1. Come up with a strong headline

You should be able to think of a headline that will surely grab your reader’s attention. It is the very first step you need to do in order to attract your visitors and lead them further down the page. Use words that will best describe the product or service that you are promoting.

You can add some quirkiness or humor in the headline, include statistics or make it convincing enough that your product is the answer to their problem.

2. Do not put too much information into your landing page

It is through your landing pages that you get the opportunity to convince readers to buy your product or do a specific action but that does not mean that you will fill it up with loads of information that your visitors are not interested to read. Most visitors only scan the page and it takes 5 seconds to catch their attention. You can briefly explain everything to your customers by using bullets.

3. Do not forget to put an image related to the product

Your logo is not enough in your landing page. You must include in your page an image that is relevant and one that will invoke the right response among your visitors.

4. Make use of a short form for lead capture

The lead capture form is one of the most important and the most difficult element to put in your landing page. Many visitors are least interested with form filling and skeptical to give out their personal information to online businesses. The technique is to use a lead capture form that is short and only ask for information that is of equal value to the freebie that you offer. Another thing is to place a privacy policy link that will assure your visitors that their information will not be shared to anyone else.

5. Call to Action Button

Your CTA button is the final step in getting your visitors to convert so it is necessary to keep it consistent. It should be clear and easily seen by visitors so that your visitors will know what they need to do next. Remember to put it above the fold, use colors that will contrast with the background, make it large surrounded by white space.

By following the steps that I have mentioned, you will find out how easy it is to set up your own landing pages.

What is Landing Page Optimization?

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The landing page is the first page of your site where your visitor “lands”. This could be any page on your site and it doesn’t have to be the homepage. If you are running PPC campaigns and email marketing campaigns, you can direct your visitors to any landing page you want them to land on. Search engines display relevant pages that contain products and services that people are searching for and your landing page can be one of them. Therefore, when visitors click on one of the search results, they will be directed to the page shown and this means that every page on your site is a landing page.

optimize landing pages

What is landing page optimization?

When you develop your landing page and improve it to boost its conversion rate, then that is what we call landing page optimization. The goal of your landing page can be having your visitors engage into your site, inquire about a certain product, create an account, sign up, or buy your product. When visitors perform these actions, then they are making conversions. You should make sure that your landing page should fulfill its purpose and this to get your visitors to convert.

The importance of landing page optimization

Studies show that out of 100 visitors, only 5 convert, and this only applies to landing pages that have been properly optimized. Obviously, web pages that have not been optimized resulted into very low conversion rate. This can cost you a lot of money most especially if you have other marketing campaigns running and you do not get potential customers to perform your desired action. If you really want your business to succeed, then you should spend time and effort to enhance your landing pages.


Put yourself into your visitors’ shoes

The very first thing to do with landing page optimization is to determine and understand what your visitors need. It is true that every visitor is unique as well as their behavior, but they have the same expectations. Make them see that your product can help them in their needs, other people who visited the site and bought the product are satisfied with it and that your site is legitimate and trustworthy. Also, do not forget good page loading time.

How Good Landing Pages Can Help You with Your CPA Campaigns

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Everyday, changes occur rapidly in the world of internet marketing. Online businesses use “landing pages” to promote their products or build a list of potential customers. Landing pages are web pages that potential customers “land” on after clicking a pay-per-click advertisement or links in article directories.

Landing pages are often called as “lead capture page” because their purpose is to help businesses obtain pertinent information about users, such as name, email address and zip code, which will help them create a mailing list. Landing pages are also used to get potential customers and make them buy products or avail of services.


When a visitor responds to the landing page’s call to action, then that will count as one conversion. Conversion rates are assessed by internet marketers to see if their landing pages are effective enough in promoting their products or to get visitors to convert. Below are some guidelines that you should follow in order to create high quality converting CPA landing pages:

  • Find out keywords that are being used by your potential customers so that you can create effective landing pages using those keywords. It is also better if you monitor keyword phrases used by your competitors in their advertising campaigns.
  • The design and content of your landing pages should match the ad because this will tell your potential visitor that he is in the right page after clicking the ad.
  • Focus on the content of your landing page and make sure that your visitors will be able to see the reasons why he should buy your product. The benefits should be presented in a clear and understandable manner. Proofread the content of your landing pages because you want to give your visitors the impression that your business is composed of reliable professionals.
  • Modify your landing page as needed after A/B testing your pages. Focus on your target audience so that you can make your page appealing to them.
  • You can use Google AdWords to find out which of your advertisements is driving more traffic into your landing page. It also tell you which referral websites brought visitors to your site if you have many ad placements across the web.

Great landing pages in terms of content and design can truly bring much improvement into your conversion rates. Your PPC campaign and landing pages should work together to get people to decide whether they should purchase your product or not.



Two Ways to Promote Your CPA Landing Pages

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promote landing pages

Your landing page is finally live. It could be about promoting an affiliate product, your newsletter or your own product. You need to drive traffic to your website to generate sales, but how will you do it?

Effective Methods to Promote Your Landing Pages

1. Article Marketing
Article marketing is one of the most effective methods used by online marketers to obtain high amount of traffic that really converts without spending huge amounts of money.Your landing pages can be promoted by writing articles according to your niche and then submitting finished articles into article directories.


There are three ways you can promote your landing page with article writing. Article directories contain the resource box feature at the end of every article that you submit. You can discuss about yourself, your product and include a link to your landing page via this resource box. An interesting and useful article can grab readers’ attention and make them click the link in the resource box. They will then by taken to your landing page and see what you have in store for them.

One thing you should know about article directories is that they high rankings in Google and other search engines and your article which contains a certain popular keyword can be placed on the main page.

There are webmasters who are looking for content that they can publish in the websites and this is the second way you can obtain traffic from marketing your articles. When article directories publish your article, other webmasters will receive alerts that there is new content that they can publish. The article you have submitted will be posted in their website, together with your resource box, and this will bring more visitors from their sites to yours.

Third, you can get more back links going to your landing pages and this can improve your search engine rankings. Your are getting more back links as webmasters and article directories spread your work across the internet. High quality back links can cause you to go higher in search engine rankings.

2. Pay Per Click Advertising

This is another way you can endorse your landing page instantly. Traffic that you get from PPC ads will help you test and revise the content of your landing page if necessary. You can also view the result immediately if the changes in your landing pages achieved better results. This is the quickest way to drive traffic into your landing page in a short period of time. However, to use this method, you should conduct ample research and be able to compute and analyze conversion metrics and have enough funds to start the PPC campaign.


What CPA Landing Page Mistakes You Need to Avoid

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eraser and word mistakes

When setting up a landing page it is not the same as with regular web pages because landing pages need more work to do. These are pages in your website where visitors land after they click a link in an article, directory listing or ad.  from an article, advert, or directory listing. Its primary objective is to encourage the visitor to complete a certain call to action. However, many website owners commit mistakes that drive visitors away rather than attracting them.

5 CPA Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid

1. The Offer Has NO Value to Visitors

Your offer should be able to answer the question of the potential customers and that is “What can I get from this product?” It is important that your landing page state the benefits that your potential buyers can get from your offer and answer their question within 5 seconds. If you want them to do a specific action, tell them directly.

2. A very weak headline

The first thing that people see upon arriving at your page should be a very strong headline. You are only given three seconds to capture the attention of people before they exit your site. The headline should be related to the content of your page and the link that led them to your landing page. A detailed description of your offer, a clear call to action and  the value of your offer should be contained in your headline.

3. Goals are not clearly defined

At the very start of your campaign, you should identify your goals and how you will be able to achieve them through your landing page. The  two common reasons why landing pages are created are to complete a sale and to build a mailing list.

4. Not Customer / Client-Centered

Some copywriters and website owners tend to focus on their business and not on their prospective customers. The content should should be focused on your customers. For example, you should tell your customers that “We will give you two years warranty on all products” rather than saying “Our products is covered with two years warranty.” Make sure that you address your customersdirectly.

5. Inclusion of Irrelevant Links

This is one of the biggest mistakes that drive people away from your page. It is important to only put links that are necessary to bring people closer to completing the predefined action. Your copy should be kept to a minimum and the landing page should only contain the right amount of information so that
your audience do not get overloaded.

Anatomy of Successful CPA Landing Pages

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anatomy of a great landing page

What are the Parts of a Successful Landing Page?

1. Headline and Copy

The page’s primary heading should be easy to read and understand to drive visitors to read the copy and make an action. The copy should be direct to the point, brief yet concise and can discuss all the important details of the landing page.

2. Relevant images and videos

Images are very important to landing pages because these are things that most people look at when they arrived at your page. You should use various images that show proof of the effectiveness of the product. This is one element that can possibly improve your campaign.

3. Social media buttons

Social media buttons should be made available for your visitors so they can share your page easily. Twitter and Facebook are the most common social networks. LinkedIn can also be used to target professionals and people from different industries.

4. Relevant Links

Only relevant links should be included in your landing page because this can confuse your visitors and take them away from the primary purpose of the landing page. If you provide many options to your visitors, they won’t be able to complete the primary call to action. Navigation menus should also be minimal for the same purpose.

5. Business Logo

The design of the landing page should be consistent to establish trust with your visitors. It is important for the visitors to trust you before they give you the information that you need. Your landing page should be designed professionally and the branding should be consistent. However, the call to action is the center of your landing page and not your company logo.

6. Call to action and button

After the headline fulfills its purpose, the call to action should be able to convince your visitors to act. A strong call to action and standout button can be used to let people know what the next step is.

7. Above the Fold, Trust Icons, Testimonials

Keep your main content above the fold so that visitors do not have to scroll  down just to see the main purpose of the page. This is also important to build trust because logos of respectable and world-renowned organizations are seen. The landing page should place testimonials and success stories below the fold.

8. A/B Testing

It is required to do A/B testing of landing pages and their different elements.

Elements that need to be tested are the headline, content of call to action, background color of the page, the color of the button, and the primary image. The reason for testing the landing page is to distinguish which campaign works for a certain product.

Tips on Copywriting Your Landing Pages

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One of the most daunting tasks that copywriters need to do is to make a high converting sales page. This is because the success rate of landing pages depends on the number of people that convert or buy the product. If you are a beginner or an expert in copywriting, these are few tips for copywriting landing pages that can make your landing page conversion rates soar:

1. Focus on your headline.

The headline is the major player in getting the attention of your website visitors and perhaps the most significant aspect of your sales page. It should be able to encourage your visitors to go further down the page. You should test and evaluate different headlines before making your landing page go live because a very catchy and thought-provoking headline can greatly boost the conversion rate of your landing pages.

2. Remember AIDA.

The AIDA structure has been used by copywriters for decades. The acronym AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. The headline should contain the benefits of the product in order to catch the attention of your readers and they will read your page further (Attention). The copy should tackle the problem of the reader and that you understand what they are going through (Interest). The page should be able to show your readers why the product is the answer to their problem (Desire) and tell them what they should do to take advantage of the product you offer (Action).

3. Motivate your readers with powerful words and language

Keep your readers motivated and involved in your landing page like using the words “you”. “Discover” and “Get” are some of the words you can use to get your readers to explore the benefits of your product.

4.Present valid reasons why they should buy your product

When copywriting your landing page, it is important to concentrate on providing them reasons why they should buy your product. Repeat the significance of your product in different ways as people need to be truly convinced before they actually think about buying the product.

5. Put call to action in several parts of the page

Make sure that the “Submit”, “Sign Up” or “Buy Now” button is always seen by visitors in your landing page so they don’t have difficulty finding it.

6. Establish rapport

Testimonials can prove that the product or service has been tried and tested effective. This will also give your visitors the impression that your offer is authentic.

7. Include a money back guarantee in every landing page

Sometimes readers are forced to leave a page when there is no guarantee from the advertiser that their money will be returned if they are not satisfied with the product.

8. Focus on getting all the key points and benefits of your product into your landing page.

The length of your landing page content does not really matter on your first draft. List down the key points and then edit the content later.

9.Your landing page should be easily scanned by visitors.

There are visitors that read the headline first and then scan the page to get the summary of your offer before actually reading the whole page. Make use of brief yet concise paragraphs, bullet points and subheadings with all the benefits written in them.

It takes a lot of practice to be able to write landing pages that greatly convert and you need to put yourself into the shoes of your readers to be able to understand what things can motivate them to buy your product or to take action. With the tips I have mentioned above, they can help you come up with high converting landing pages.