How Good Landing Pages Can Help You with Your CPA Campaigns

Everyday, changes occur rapidly in the world of internet marketing. Online businesses use “landing pages” to promote their products or build a list of potential customers. Landing pages are web pages that potential customers “land” on after clicking a pay-per-click advertisement or links in article directories.

Landing pages are often called as “lead capture page” because their purpose is to help businesses obtain pertinent information about users, such as name, email address and zip code, which will help them create a mailing list. Landing pages are also used to get potential customers and make them buy products or avail of services.


When a visitor responds to the landing page’s call to action, then that will count as one conversion. Conversion rates are assessed by internet marketers to see if their landing pages are effective enough in promoting their products or to get visitors to convert. Below are some guidelines that you should follow in order to create high quality converting CPA landing pages:

  • Find out keywords that are being used by your potential customers so that you can create effective landing pages using those keywords. It is also better if you monitor keyword phrases used by your competitors in their advertising campaigns.
  • The design and content of your landing pages should match the ad because this will tell your potential visitor that he is in the right page after clicking the ad.
  • Focus on the content of your landing page and make sure that your visitors will be able to see the reasons why he should buy your product. The benefits should be presented in a clear and understandable manner. Proofread the content of your landing pages because you want to give your visitors the impression that your business is composed of reliable professionals.
  • Modify your landing page as needed after A/B testing your pages. Focus on your target audience so that you can make your page appealing to them.
  • You can use Google AdWords to find out which of your advertisements is driving more traffic into your landing page. It also tell you which referral websites brought visitors to your site if you have many ad placements across the web.

Great landing pages in terms of content and design can truly bring much improvement into your conversion rates. Your PPC campaign and landing pages should work together to get people to decide whether they should purchase your product or not.



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