Tips on Copywriting Your Landing Pages


One of the most daunting tasks that copywriters need to do is to make a high converting sales page. This is because the success rate of landing pages depends on the number of people that convert or buy the product. If you are a beginner or an expert in copywriting, these are few tips for copywriting landing pages that can make your landing page conversion rates soar:

1. Focus on your headline.

The headline is the major player in getting the attention of your website visitors and perhaps the most significant aspect of your sales page. It should be able to encourage your visitors to go further down the page. You should test and evaluate different headlines before making your landing page go live because a very catchy and thought-provoking headline can greatly boost the conversion rate of your landing pages.

2. Remember AIDA.

The AIDA structure has been used by copywriters for decades. The acronym AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. The headline should contain the benefits of the product in order to catch the attention of your readers and they will read your page further (Attention). The copy should tackle the problem of the reader and that you understand what they are going through (Interest). The page should be able to show your readers why the product is the answer to their problem (Desire) and tell them what they should do to take advantage of the product you offer (Action).

3. Motivate your readers with powerful words and language

Keep your readers motivated and involved in your landing page like using the words “you”. “Discover” and “Get” are some of the words you can use to get your readers to explore the benefits of your product.

4.Present valid reasons why they should buy your product

When copywriting your landing page, it is important to concentrate on providing them reasons why they should buy your product. Repeat the significance of your product in different ways as people need to be truly convinced before they actually think about buying the product.

5. Put call to action in several parts of the page

Make sure that the “Submit”, “Sign Up” or “Buy Now” button is always seen by visitors in your landing page so they don’t have difficulty finding it.

6. Establish rapport

Testimonials can prove that the product or service has been tried and tested effective. This will also give your visitors the impression that your offer is authentic.

7. Include a money back guarantee in every landing page

Sometimes readers are forced to leave a page when there is no guarantee from the advertiser that their money will be returned if they are not satisfied with the product.

8. Focus on getting all the key points and benefits of your product into your landing page.

The length of your landing page content does not really matter on your first draft. List down the key points and then edit the content later.

9.Your landing page should be easily scanned by visitors.

There are visitors that read the headline first and then scan the page to get the summary of your offer before actually reading the whole page. Make use of brief yet concise paragraphs, bullet points and subheadings with all the benefits written in them.

It takes a lot of practice to be able to write landing pages that greatly convert and you need to put yourself into the shoes of your readers to be able to understand what things can motivate them to buy your product or to take action. With the tips I have mentioned above, they can help you come up with high converting landing pages.

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