Two Ways to Promote Your CPA Landing Pages

promote landing pages

Your landing page is finally live. It could be about promoting an affiliate product, your newsletter or your own product. You need to drive traffic to your website to generate sales, but how will you do it?

Effective Methods to Promote Your Landing Pages

1. Article Marketing
Article marketing is one of the most effective methods used by online marketers to obtain high amount of traffic that really converts without spending huge amounts of money.Your landing pages can be promoted by writing articles according to your niche and then submitting finished articles into article directories.


There are three ways you can promote your landing page with article writing. Article directories contain the resource box feature at the end of every article that you submit. You can discuss about yourself, your product and include a link to your landing page via this resource box. An interesting and useful article can grab readers’ attention and make them click the link in the resource box. They will then by taken to your landing page and see what you have in store for them.

One thing you should know about article directories is that they high rankings in Google and other search engines and your article which contains a certain popular keyword can be placed on the main page.

There are webmasters who are looking for content that they can publish in the websites and this is the second way you can obtain traffic from marketing your articles. When article directories publish your article, other webmasters will receive alerts that there is new content that they can publish. The article you have submitted will be posted in their website, together with your resource box, and this will bring more visitors from their sites to yours.

Third, you can get more back links going to your landing pages and this can improve your search engine rankings. Your are getting more back links as webmasters and article directories spread your work across the internet. High quality back links can cause you to go higher in search engine rankings.

2. Pay Per Click Advertising

This is another way you can endorse your landing page instantly. Traffic that you get from PPC ads will help you test and revise the content of your landing page if necessary. You can also view the result immediately if the changes in your landing pages achieved better results. This is the quickest way to drive traffic into your landing page in a short period of time. However, to use this method, you should conduct ample research and be able to compute and analyze conversion metrics and have enough funds to start the PPC campaign.


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