What CPA Landing Page Mistakes You Need to Avoid

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When setting up a landing page it is not the same as with regular web pages because landing pages need more work to do. These are pages in your website where visitors land after they click a link in an article, directory listing or ad.  from an article, advert, or directory listing. Its primary objective is to encourage the visitor to complete a certain call to action. However, many website owners commit mistakes that drive visitors away rather than attracting them.

5 CPA Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid

1. The Offer Has NO Value to Visitors

Your offer should be able to answer the question of the potential customers and that is “What can I get from this product?” It is important that your landing page state the benefits that your potential buyers can get from your offer and answer their question within 5 seconds. If you want them to do a specific action, tell them directly.

2. A very weak headline

The first thing that people see upon arriving at your page should be a very strong headline. You are only given three seconds to capture the attention of people before they exit your site. The headline should be related to the content of your page and the link that led them to your landing page. A detailed description of your offer, a clear call to action and  the value of your offer should be contained in your headline.

3. Goals are not clearly defined

At the very start of your campaign, you should identify your goals and how you will be able to achieve them through your landing page. The  two common reasons why landing pages are created are to complete a sale and to build a mailing list.

4. Not Customer / Client-Centered

Some copywriters and website owners tend to focus on their business and not on their prospective customers. The content should should be focused on your customers. For example, you should tell your customers that “We will give you two years warranty on all products” rather than saying “Our products is covered with two years warranty.” Make sure that you address your customersdirectly.

5. Inclusion of Irrelevant Links

This is one of the biggest mistakes that drive people away from your page. It is important to only put links that are necessary to bring people closer to completing the predefined action. Your copy should be kept to a minimum and the landing page should only contain the right amount of information so that
your audience do not get overloaded.

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