5 Steps to Improve your Website Landing Pages

5 Tips to Design a Successful Landing Page

Wondering how you can improve your landing pages, therefore, enhancing the conversion rate of your website? Here are 5 steps on how you can enhance your landing pages.

Do not provide many options

We all prefer having options, but too much can be frustrating and confusing. This is the same with creating landing pages. You need to keep it simple and organize so that people can make up their minds quickly. People normally have short attentions pan so you need to keep your website easy to understand. The content of your website should always be relevant to the products and services that you promote. Unnecessary links and options will cause your visitors to click through your pages and go somewhere else, and this will affect your website’s bounce rate.

Make use of white space and a strong call-to-action

Disorganized websites can cause your visitors to remove their focus on your page. The use of white space in your website can greatly make your client respond to your page’s call to action. It is advisable for you to have a minimum of three strong call-to-actions in each page.

Boost your Credibility or Trust Factor

To make your visitors feel comfortable and secured, you need to add significant trust factors into your website. You should reassess the design of your website to ascertain if it meets promotional standards.

Having you or your team’s picture can help establish a trusting relationship. You need to place some testimonials or product reviews on your website to show that your business is legit.

Your Call to Action should shine brightly.

The words and button that you use for your landing page’s call to action is the bread and butter of your business. Make them big and bold so that they can catch the attention of people and give them the impression that you can help solve their problem.

Testing and monitoring your website and landing page’s performance

These tasks are very important in optimizing your landing page. It is a bad practice when people do not improve their websites. For you to know which areas of your landing page needs improvement, you can consult the statistics contained in Google Analytics.

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