How to Build Better Landing Pages

create successful landing-pages

When I started with internet marketing many years ago, I encountered the term “landing pages” and I am not really sure what it means. So I searched for the definition and found out that it is a single sales copy that is displayed when a link has been clicked by a visitor after searching for a keyword.

When you use Google and enter a keyword, it returns a search results page that shows many websites that were optimized for that keyword. When you click on the link of the website, you will be landing on any of the pages within that website, which is the landing page. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the website’s homepage.

If you own a website and you want to promote your products or services, then you can make use of landing pages that will eventually require your reader to convert or purchase your offer.

A sales letter landing page should be designed to prompt the reader to perform a single specified action and distraction in the page should be minimized. Irrelevant links and navigation bar should not be placed because you want to keep your visitors in your landing page and not go somewhere else in your site.

How to Develop the Content of your Landing Page

You need to describe in your landing page your products and services and how effective they are. However, your visitor has a problem and he is searching for the solution. Remember that the content should be focused on your client and how will his problem be solved.

The way that your landing page should be written is that it should be convincing enough that you can provide the solution to his problem. You can create a headline that asks a question and this will let your prospective client that he is in the correct site or not.

When you want to lead your visitors further into your landing page, you should focus more about the problem that your visitors have. You can show your prospects that you know what they are going through and that you want to help them. Finally, offer them your product or service which is the solution to their problems. Your content should be convincing enough so that you can get them to buy your product.

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