Increasing Conversions with Effective Landing Page Designs


You might be happy to hear that your webmaster is willing to design your landing page so that you can increase your website’s conversion rate. But it is your first time to hear the term “landing page”. Based on its name, a landing page is a page in your website where prospects land after clicking an ad or a link and then accomplish a certain action.

Here are some tips that can help increase conversion through landing page design:

1.      Your landing page should be goal oriented.The purpose of your landing page is to compel your readers to perform a single identified action. Having different links gives them a lot of options to choose from and this hinders your goal to do that single action that is according to what you want. Use bold letters for the call to action and repeat it all through the landing page so that it can be totally absorbed by your readers.

2.      Your landing page should be client-centered.

It is imperative to state in your landing page the benefits your clients will obtain from your products and services. They are not interested with the awards that you received. If you put your clients first then you will surely succeed.

3.      Keep your landing page organized.

If your landing page is cluttered, then you will lose your prospects easily. Never write in paragraphs, instead use bullets to emphasize your points.

4.      Constant Branding across the page

Throughout the page, let your brand standout. Clients and prospects feel honored if you involve them in celebrating your success and in sharing your company’s story. Use headings for essential things in your webpage.

5.      Make your landing page interesting enough

The content of your landing page should be interesting for your reader to go further down the page. Prospects arrived at your landing page because they are wondering that may be you have the solution to their needs or problems.

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