2013 September

Freebies to Include in Your Landing Pages

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Landing pages work best when you invest time in creating landing pages and testing them if they truly are effective. Visitors search for solutions to their problems and you need to create great landing pages that can convince them to either give you the information that you need or to buy your product.

offer call to action landing page

There are tools that you need to consider in increasing the conversion rate of your landing pages.

1. Free webinars

If you are a master of your niche, you can offer a free webinar in exchange of email sign-ups. Webinars can give your audience great advantage because they no longer have to travel far, look for experts in the field, or run out of the front row seats. If they miss the actual date, they can still attend the webinar at a different date if these webinars are recorded.

2. Newsletters

This is the offer that should be carefully reflected about because almost everyone engaged in online marketing offer newsletters and you need to think of ways to convince them to leave their email address. Most people also know that they will be included in your mailing list if they leave their email address to online businesses.

The words “Sign up for our monthly newsletter” are no longer convincing. Rather, make offers convincing enough by adding some details about the newsletter your will be providing such as the content. The content could be about exclusive news, special offers, coupons, scoops, etc.

You should also let your visitors know how frequent you will be sending them the newsletter and what they should do if they decide to opt-out of the subscription.

3. Raffle Entries or Contests

This is one of the most effective methods to get an email sign up. The prize of the contest should be relevant to the product or service you are trying to promote.

These are just some tools that can encourage your visitors to convert. Other items that you can include in your landing pages are coupons, free eBooks, whitepapers and free trials.


What is a Testimonial Landing Page Template

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testimonial landing page template

Nowadays, people use landing page templates that can help them make a successful sale. These templates only require you to put content specific to the product or service you want to promote. It is easy to follow the template of testimonial landing pages because of its basic structure. To use landing page templates, you need to be good at article writing and in establishing connection with your audience.

Structure of a Testimonial Landing Page Template

1. Headline or Title

You need to have an attention-grabbing title because it is the first thing seen by your visitors on your webpage and this will determine if they read your page further or exit it. If you can come up with a catchy title, then you are sure that your readers will get curious and go on to read the rest of the page.

2. First Person Perspective

A testimonial page should always be written in the first person point of view. This will tell your readers how effective your product or service is. Use words as if you are talking to your readers so that you can build a connection with them, such as have them start thinking if the product or service can be the answer to their problem.

3. Images

Your page should include images that will give them a solid view on how the product can be a solution to their problem. These pictures will help explain that the product can make the problem go away. Your first-hand experience can be communicated to your readers.

4. Multiple Options

Your visitors should be given various ways to buy the item and a clear link that will direct them to get the product. A single button or link at the bottom might give your reader some difficulty to find it so it is necessary to put the link after every reason why they need to purchase your product.

The key is to ensure that you are really conversing with your readers with means that can capture their attention.

Best Ways to CPA Landing Page Design & Development Optimization

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landing page optimization target

The very first page that people see when they click a link to your sales page is the landing page. There are many different reasons why you use a landing page but mainly it is used for advertising and promoting your product or service. The requirement to having a great landing page is to make it simple, direct, and engaging to keep your visitors and have them perform a certain action. This is possible if you begin optimizing the design and development of your landing pages.

Ways to Optimize your CPA Landing Page Development and Design

1. Determine your target audience

What is the use of an attractive landing page of cars and houses when your audience is mainly composed of people who want to lose weight? The very important thing you need to ascertain is your target audience and then formulate the designs and develop your landing page related to the audience. The secret is to make them feel connected with what you are doing. People only act and respond to those who they are familiar with and those believe that they know them and what they exactly need.

2. Offer a reward or incentive on your landing page

A sign up form can be used to get necessary information from your visitors but it is hard to get them to leave those information without giving them anything in exchange. You can offer them free reports that will give them more information about a certain topic for free. If they have signed up for your newsletter, then you can send them emails containing practical tips and then after a couple of emails you can send them a link that will direct them to a landing page where they can get their reward as your loyal readers. That page may contain a link that will lead them to the last landing page asking them to buy some products that will give you all the benefits that you have discussed in your free reports. This method is very common and being used by marketers online. You give your audience an incentive before you get them to sign up or buy your product. This has been proven effecting in marketing through the use of landing pages that made profits.

3. Only ask for information that you need

People are still hesitant to share personal information to online websites because many of these sites harvest too much information and you do not want to be one of them. This is one way to get only the information that you need and do not ask for too much information. Simply put, only ask for data that is the same value of what you are giving to them. An example would be giving your visitors a newsletter in exchange for his name, email address and zip code. You do not need to obtain his phone number, complete home address and birthday.

In sum, those that I have mentioned above are the primary things you need to follow so that you can master the development and design of your landing pages. Also, if you make use of these tips, you can save so much time, effort and resources. Do not rely much on technology because your visitors are humans and they need to trust you so that your efforts will end up in vain.

How to Choose the Right Type of Landing Page for Your Business

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types of landing page

After clicking a link, you will be directed to a page which is called the landing page. This can be the home page of a website or other pages. The focus of landing pages in terms of affiliate and online marketing is to make a sale. Traffic is sent towards a landing page and that landing page will urge you to convert depending on the predetermined goal, whether to buy a product or to sign up for your monthly newsletters, and many more.

Time and effort should be invested into your landing pages so that you can make your landing pages be stimulating enough for your visitors to convert. Landing pages can undergo split testing on the design and content over and over which is very common with paid advertising. The aim of these PPC landing pages is to please your visitors to convert and the advertising system to lower the amount of your cost-per-click campaign.

Common Types of Landing Pages and their Purpose

1. Sales Letter Page

These are pages commonly used by publishers of products. They are used to offer products to visitors while they are browsing the page. These types of landing pages may contain testimonials, comprehensive information about the product, before and after photos, promotional videos and other multimedia elements so that visitors will be convinced that they need to buy the product.

2. Review Page

This page is also known as the “Click Through Page” because you are going to link the official sales page of the product with your review page. This page is used to promote or “pre-sell” the product because some prospective buyers need proofs or reviews before they decide to purchase the product. The purpose of this page is to set the mind of potential buyers before they are taken over to the official sales page.

3. Squeeze Pages

Squeeze pages are very static and its purpose is generating leads where your visitors need to give you some information such as their name, email address and zip code. These pages only contain some videos and a fill up form where potential customers leave the needed information. In order for these pages to be effective is to give visitors some useful freebies in exchange for the information that you need.

4. Launch Pages

These pages are primarily used before launching your product. It is used as a “teaser” to let your visitors know that you will be launching your product. A sign up form is also included in launch pages so you can get your visitor’s information so you can send them updates of your product launching.

5. Viral Landing Pages

These pages are used for making your useful apps or any kind of interesting content to spread it easily and you can get lots of viral traffic going to your page. This is one way of making your visitors aware of a certain product or brand. You can also add social media share buttons that you can click to promote it on Twitter and Facebook.


In choosing the right landing page to choose, go back to your goals. You can make use of all these 5 landing pages as long as you think about what goal you want to achieve.

The Benefits of Creating Quality Landing Pages

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landing pages style

Telemarketers nowadays use the technique of managing landing pages because landing pages makes it possible to strengthen their profiles in social networking sites and in testing out fresh ideas for online businesses. These types of pages are very manageable and basic knowledge is needed when creating them, unlike websites.

Below are the advantages or benefits of creating effective landing pages based from various forums online:

1. Landing pages allow you to combine all your social network profiles into one single page. Links of your profiles should be structured and managed very well so that your visitors will be directed to the correct web page upon clicking one of the links.

2. Several landing pages can be kept as a link to a key page or as a single page. You have the option to promote various products and services for a specific target market. You need to monitor several web pages instead of maintaining a single dedicated website.

3. Landing pages do not need to have complex structure and design. It should be user friendly, giving your visitors the chance to absorb whatever you are promoting in your pages while they are browsing. Of course, full websites have complicated structures and detailed layouts that can be too much for your visitors to handle.

4. Most online buyers and marketers browse landing pages for a longer time due to the easy navigation and wide array of products and services.

5. Effective landing pages are composed of simple and easy to understand process steps for registration or signups. The most common information asked by landing pages from prospective customers are their names and email addresses. This can help you build your own mailing list.

6. Developing landing pages is much cheaper. You can also generate income for your online business by creating CPA landing pages.

7. Landing pages are easy to design and to maintain all by yourself, unlike having dedicated websites where you need to have a professional developer to maintain your pages. Several free templates are available online where you only need to provide pertinent information to get your own online marketing platform.

A Review of Trey Smith’s Landing Page Robot

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Custom software used to generate websites is a landing page robot. Trey Smith discovered this software to help people how to build landing pages rapidly, squeeze pages and templates of blog that comply with the guidelines of search engines.

History of the Software

Trey Smith received a warning from Google and he was required to fix big issues with his landing pages. He then thought of creating a Landing page robot that will help users to generate landing pages for their blogging websites and to help them earn money. The software can produce an affiliate link for ClickBank products. When users accept the squeeze page, a potential buyer is permitted to learn about the basics and the use of the software to earn profit.

Landing Page Robot and Affiliate Marketing

The purpose of the product is to not only generate quality landing pages for PPC and CPA campaigns but also to help affiliate marketers. This is another resort for affiliate marketers who can no longer use direct linking method. According to Smith, the landing page robot is a great tool to help anyone in creating accurate and optimized landing pages.

Landing Page Robot Features

By using this landing page robot, you will be able to create squeeze pages that Google approves of and your review sites can be produced indefinitely as well as the built in rating system to improve the page. These pages are now easy to create and very attractive at the same time. You can also add videos, images and modify your websites quickly. When using the software to create your blog, it will include the “Contact Us” and “Terms and Conditions” pages.


With all the features made available by the product, it will surely save potential bloggers and website owners a lot of time and help them earn money through blogging. Out of 5 stars, Landing Page Robot will be given 4 stars which is a very satisfactory rating for this kind of product in this industry.

How to Optimize your Landing Pages

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landing page optimization

Goal conversion depends on the quality of your landing page. A good landing page can convert your first time readers into potential customers. When your readers click the affiliate link, it means that they trust you enough and are very much interested to know more about your offer. But if your landing page is of low quality, you might lose that reader. When creating your landing pages, you should pay more attention of providing positive experience to your readers.

What an Effective Landing Page Can Do for You

A high quality landing page keeps your visitors engaged to your website and it directs your readers to do further action.

Tips to Improve your Landing Pages

Follow these 8 tips to ensure that your readers have positive experience on your landing page.

  1. Make sure that your links are related to the content of your landing page or else your visitors might think that they have reached a wrong page.
  2. Your landing page should be useful, well-designed and neat. Search for modern designs that you can use for your website.
  3. Your landing page should direct or command your visitors to do something. Your call to action should be visible to your readers. Examples of specific actions include getting your visitor to sign up for your newsletter, follow you on Twitter, or like your page on Facebook.
  4. Your readers should be able to understand what you want them to do. Concentrate on emphasizing the benefits of your offer.
  5. Create landing pages that are dedicated for each type of product. It can be confusing if you only have one landing page for hundreds of your products. If you have many landing pages, make them distinct and related to the message that you wish to convey.
  6. Your landing pages should be contained within your website so that it can be indexed by search engines immediately.
  7. Do not use Flash animation in your introduction page. They could be attractive but they take away the capacity of your visitors to be in control of what they want to see. It also slows down the loading speed of your page and this will result to your visitors getting out of your site.
  8. If you want to sell or promote something to your visitors, you can start with the process on the landing page. Do not send your visitors to various pages because extra steps can make them exit your page.

If you have already updated your landing page or not, you should regularly evaluate your landing page using these 8 tips to increase your conversion rate.

What is the Best Method to Create Landing Pages to Build your Mailing List?

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squeeze page mailing list

There are two types of landing pages: the hard sell landing page and the trust building or introduction page. Which is the best method that you can use when you are trying to build your mailing list?

The Hard-Sell Page

If you already have a list of subscribers that you send regular emails to, then it is easier to receive good responses from a hard sell landing page because you already have that trusting relationship with your subscribers. It is also important that you know how to correctly communicate with them.

Many internet marketing newbies receive huge number of unsubscribes because they quickly jump into sending emails with various offers to their newly subscribed users rather than sending them emails that will help them build and establish a trusting relationship with their potential customers. It would be better if they send free training or advice and appropriate comments to their subscribers.

Headlines, such as “The Greatest Secret to”, “Buy this now and make $10,000 in one day”, are often seen in hard-sell pages that people already got used to. These are headlines that can make you build your mailing list quickly if your potential customers are familiar with you and your business already.

The Rapport Building or Introduction Landing Page

This is the easier method to create your mailing list very quickly.

Scenario: You wrote an article about how to lose weight rapidly and then you thank your readers via your landing page and then encourage them to get your free eBook that could contain diet programs that can help you lose more weight. You can then introduce yourself and put your picture on the left side of page.

One sign up form can be installed above your photo and below your free offer. This form can be obtained from an autoresponder service. Next, is placing a personal note or comment for your reader under your picture. You can also remind your visitors about the free eBook that you are offering.

Do not forget to thank the reader. This is a very effective and powerful method because you have already welcomed your new readers and your web page is not trying to force them buy something.

A very good CPA landing page can make you build your email list very quickly. Make sure that building trust is the key to get it done!

How to Create Attractive Cost Per Action Landing Pages

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confirmation page

Any website owner who wants to make money with his online business needs to capture the attention of his potential clients, get them hooked with the offers and keep the interest until his end goal is completed. Probably his main goal is to make a sale, get visitors to sign up web forms, and many more. It will be helpful if a confirmation page is present to help both the customer and website owner.

Things you need to do to the confirmation page of your CPA landing page

1. If you are planning to create a confirmation page to your landing page, you need to repeat your product or service keywords twice or thrice. Use keywords that can grab the attention of your target audience and use words that will clearly explain your product or service. It is also important to use simple yet magnetic words to get your customers engaged to your landing page. Get rid of typos and grammar errors because this will cause your potential customers to leave your page quickly.

2. For the layout and design of the confirmation page, you can use easy to read and suitable fonts, images, colors, and videos to make it look nice and enjoyable.  Make sure that the images and videos that you place in the page are related to the product or service you are offering.

You can also include interesting facts or trivia to make the page more exciting.

3. Make the page easy to understand and remove unnecessary links if possible. This will give a better impression than putting all your links in that single page. Use clear and easy-to-understand instructions because visitors might be inexperienced users or young people who can only understand simple words. Avoid jargons and complex words that are difficult to comprehend.

Many links will surely confuse your potential buyers or they will not be able to perform a specific action. Instead of clicking the correct link, they end up exiting your webpage and purchasing from another seller.

It is important to produce remarkable confirmation pages because this is one of the key elements in making more money with CPA landing pages.


How to Improve Bad Landing Pages?

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bad landing pages

Landing pages are meant to help online businesses become successful and earn money. I already came across several landing pages that are terrible in terms of design and content. How will they convince me and other visitors to buy their products or sign up to their mailing list?

What Makes a Bad Landing Page?

1. Misspellings and Grammar errors

What could be more confusing than a landing page with typos and grammatical errors? How can visitors understand the message of the advertiser or writer? This is the common reason why the bounce rate of landing pages full of spelling and grammar errors is high. Never expect high conversion rate from these kinds of CPA landing pages because visitors already got confused.

2. Too much links on the page

It can be very puzzling to your visitors if you have so many links on your landing page. If you want them to perform a specific action, get rid of all those unnecessary links. Remember that your main purpose is to direct your visitors to accomplish a certain task.

3. Unnecessary sidebars

Sidebars are the same with the concept of unrelated links. Remove those sidebars in your landing pages so that your visitors can focus on your offer.

4. The headline and first paragraph are not related to the content of the Ad.

It is important that your headline and first paragraph should match the wordings in your ad very closely. This tells your visitors that they have been taken to the correct webpage. If they are not related, this will result to high bounce rates.

5. No Testimonials, No Security Icons, No Proofs

There are two types of visitors that will go to your webpage, either they have been regular readers of your blog or they are online users who were taken to your page via a PPC advertisement. Your landing page should contain evidences or testimonials that the product or service you are offering really works. Having these elements can gain the trust of your visitors. You can place video testimonials, security icons, and screenshots of the effect of the product or strength of the service. It is up to you what you want to include as long as your evidences are true and concrete.

By following the tips I have mentioned above, you can now have that terrific and moneymaking landing page!