Adding Squeeze Pages to your Website


Landing pages or squeeze pages are placed before index page in your website. One of the major purposes of landing pages is to obtain information from visitors so that they can be added to a mailing list for follow up in the future. The format is very easy with an offered incentive to collect client details. Incentives could be free reports, discount codes or coupons, newsletter subscriptions, or free information related to your niche.

When creating effective landing or squeeze pages, you will need an incentive offer, HTML editor, autoresponder service and an FTP program.


1. Prepare the incentive that you will offer in your landing page. Put into bullet points the benefits they can get from the incentive.

2. Write the page’s content. Start with a headline that can attract your visitors and brief follow-up sentences that will direct your visitors into details. A short form asking for visitor’s information should follow these sentences. Sometimes, arrows or images are used to highlight or emphasize the call to action.

The form is usually connected to an autoresponder. Once the visitor submits the form the visitor will be taken to the main website. A confirmation email will be sent and the visitors will be added to the mailing list.

3. You can set up the sign up form and the description of your incentive into the autoresponder. Examples are AWeber, Mailchimp and GetResponse. They have a code generator that you can add to your page. Choose your preferred template and enter the information you want to get from visitors. Most of the time, only the name and email address are requested.

You can get the HTML code from the form generator that you can add to your squeeze page or Javascript entry. The short Javascript entry will update the form automatically if you make modifications on the form generator later. You will have to save it and then upload again the code.

4. Using your HTML editor, create a centered table whose size is about 750 x 500 pixels and then input the sales copy for the page and the code generated for the form from your autoresponder. Inspect your page for errors in syntax, grammar and spelling.

5. You can now add your squeeze page to the website by using your HTML editor via the “publish” function, through the cPanel of your website via the “upload” function”, and lastly through an FTP program.

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