How to Do Landing Page Split Testing


To determine the success of your landing page, it is imperative for you to do split testing. This process involves testing user interaction with the use of alternation two or more versions of landing page design. Landing pages have certain goals and improving their designs can somehow encourage the user to perform the desired action. With split testing, relevant metrics such as number of successful conversionsĀ  are available to see how successful a certain page design is.

A/B testing is the other name for split testing because specialists make use of two landing page variations at the same time. You can use Google Webmaster Tools to set up an A/B test experiment.

Steps for Split Testing

1. Start your web browser and go the You need to create a new Google account to be able to access Google’s Website Optimizer.

2. In the “Getting Started” window, click “Create a new experiment” and then “A/B Experiment”. Make sure that you have completed the “A/B Experiment Checklist” before clicking the “Create” button.

3. Enter your preferred “Experiment name” in the empty field and enter the URL of the original page you want to test. This should not be protected by any log-ins or password. Then click “Continue”.

4. Choose “You will install and validate the Javascript tags” option and then click “Continue”.

5. Open your preferred website editor, load the landing pages to test and then add the control and tracking scripts to your website by copying the first code snippet from “Control and Tracking Script.” Into the primary landing page after the first <head> tag, paste the code.

6 Into your server, save and upload the edited original page and copy the Google code snippet that you see under the “2. Variation pages” section so that you can add the variation page. The coded should be added immediately after the “<head>” tags of every additional page for testing.

7 “Conversion page: Add your tracking script”, you can find the code that you need to add to your conversion page.

8 You can allow Google to check if code snippets were entered correctly into the landing pages by clicking “Validate Pages” then “Continue.” You can choose “Preview Link” for experiment testing or if you wish to begin landing page A/B testing, click “Start experiment.”


Data on traffic and conversion may be updated within 24 hours after the test starts. You need to utilize page view conversion best practices before you do A/B testing.

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