Why You Should Create Mobile Landing Pages


All landing pages, whether desktop or mobile landing pages, have things in common. A sign-in form or a pay now button is located at the bottom of the landing page so that visitors can quickly fill up the form for a free newsletter or offer or to make payments. Squeeze pages for mobile are accessible to every visitor. But, there is a current change in traffic caused by the use of tablets and smartphones at present.

How to create good mobile landing pages

Mobile landing pages should be easily accessible and comes with a tab to click. This is one opportunity to get in touch with thousands of potential customers who rely on their gadgets. You need to plan ahead of time on how you can create an effective and distinctive landing page. Landing page construction is easy for experienced web developers, but the best way is to seek professional help that can assist you with mobile landing pages creation.

Landing Pages in relation to Smartphones

Before you start, you should first identify who your target audience is so you can optimize your landing pages accordingly. Designs should be created that are compatible with Apple, Android and Windows Devices.

For example, if you target business people, then you can assume that BlackBerry users visit the site. You have to make screen resolution adjustments to fit the screens of BlackBerry phones. If you are using mobile website and landing page building program, this feature is probably present. Otherwise, the standard screen resolution should be customized according to the sizes of devices. The width is another thing to check because you do not wish for your visitor to scroll down to see the content.

Changes to the Older Version of your Mobile Landing Pages

You can use the existing page as guide for modifying your mobile landing pages. The homepage should come first before introducing the squeeze page. The headline should be resized to fit the screen’s width and visitors should be able to read the text at 100% zoom.

The text of the landing page need not be made bigger because visitors can always zoom in when reading. The sign up form should have less fields that should be completed or else, the visitor will be forced to leave your website immediately. Keep requested information to minimum, such as the name and email address. But if you are doing an SMS campaign, then you can require a phone number.

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