Landing Page Best Practices for Google Adwords Campaign


A successful Google AdWords campaign is based on the combination of right keywords, quality advertisements and effective landing page. The quality score factors are being considered by Google AdWords in identifying the rank of an advertisement and its CPC or cost-per-click.

Website owners use landing pages to get higher quality score and higher conversion rates. Before creating a Google AdWords campaign, keep in mind that people have specific needs and they are looking for solutions. They click your ad because they think that you have the answer to their problem. Therefore, your ad should match the landing page where visitors are directed to.

Landing Pages Basic Best Practices

1.      The Copy and the Length should be brief yet precise.

You need to incorporate keywords into the copy and must be original yet concise. Visitors should be able to obtain enough information about the thing that they are looking for so that they can proceed to the desired action. Yet, avoid information overload so you don’t confuse the user and distract them from clicking the button.

2.      Only ask for minimal user information

If you are getting user information for newsletter subscription or lead generation, it is important to keep form fields to minimum. Users might not be comfortable enough to fill out very personal data.

3.      Include Company Logo and Organize Design Elements

Ideally, the logo should be posted in the upper left corner of the page. Some visual elements can be added in the page but make sure that these do not affect the loading time of the page. They should also be organized.

4.      Make use of a headline and bullets

Headlines enable users that they are at the right page. The content should be broken into parts and can be read easily. Paragraphs should be direct to the point and kept short. Bullet points should also be utilized whenever possible.

5.      Fonts and Colors should match the brand guidelines.

The color and size of the font should be easily read by visitors as well as the background colors. Avoid as much distraction as possible.

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