10 Steps to Improve Your Landing Pages


A lot of people are using landing / squeeze pages but they do not get them right. The money and time that they spent for creating landing pages are just put to waste. Squeeze pages require you to become creative. If you can’t do them yourself, ask an expert to do them for you. Below are some guidelines and strategy on landing page designs:

Step 1. Follow the usual first.

You will find examples of great squeeze pages in the internet. You need to find the most appropriate and related to your niche and copy it. If it becomes effective, there is no need to change it but you can tweak it eventually to get more conversions.

Step 2. Research and Research.

Find relevant landing pages on Google and utilize Alexa to help you know how good their content are and how related they are to your niche. You have to consider your target audience and use keyword search terms when writing content.

Step 3. Do not add anything unnecessary.

The main purpose of your squeeze page is to get the name and email address of your readers.  Anything that can distract your readers has negative effect on conversion rates. Never put other links that can confuse your visitor and your message should be very clear and direct to the point.

Step 4. Relate to your customers.

As you become more familiar with the elements of your squeeze pages, you will also know the do’s and don’ts when it comes to conversion. Two of the best conversion methods that you can employ are to add your signature to the bottom and your photograph in the left side under the headline area. This will let your visitors know that you and your offer are real.

Step 5. Offer the Solution to their Problem

You need to carefully choose your text and write your message. Make sure that the product you offer will absolutely solve your visitor’s problem and the amazing benefits that they can get if they subscribe or purchase.

Step 6. Keep information requests to a minimum

The biggest mistake that a seller can make is to ask too much information. The best thing to do is to keep information requests to a minimum like asking only for the name and email address. If you are offering a high end product, it is also practical to ask for their telephone number but indicate that it is only optional.

Step 7. Put a Time Frame to your offer

You must include a time frame to your offer and let them know that they will be missing very important information if they do not subscribe or buy your product. Give them also something for free to help establish relationship and obtain a much higher conversion rate.

Step 8. Put relevant information above the fold

Make sure that all of the significant information is located above the fold, so you should minimize unnecessary sidebars or advertisements that can distract your users.

Step 9. Include a Privacy Policy or Anti-Spam Message

You must inform your visitors immediately that their details won’t be used for anything else other than opt-in. Make them aware that you will not do anything to destroy your relationship with them.

Step 10. Test your Landing Pages From time to time

You need to improve your landing pages by testing them from time to time. The statistics can be used for analyzing your landing page in order for you to grow your business. The important information that you can use are the number of visitors and subscriptions. If the rates are below minimum, you need to change something. This is a continuous process of testing, tweaking, and improving until you reach your goal.


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