How to Make Clickbank Promotions Landing Page?


Clickbank is used by sellers mainly to market their products and when they make a sale, gives a certain percentage to their affiliates. Affiliates help sellers close a sale. They work together; the seller gives products images, keywords and sales copy that they can use on the landing pages of affiliates. There are pages or banners that contain a link when once clicked, customers are sent to the seller’s pitch page, and that is one way to increase sales. One must create an effective landing page so that users will convert into customers.

A landing page must have an eye-catching headline, product images, the benefits of the product, price, testimonials or product reviews and a “buy now” button.

Steps for Making a Landing Page

  1. Buy a domain name that contains the name of the product that you are trying to market. You can just connect that domain to a page on a free site that you own. Examples are, and
  2. Come up with an appealing headline at the top of the page. Write a call to action that can attract your readers. The recommended font size is 16 to 18 and in bold. You can also use a different color on the font. An example will be: “Stop Pain in Minutes.” That alone can tell your readers what your eBook or product can do for them.
  3. Put a product image and the benefits of buying the item. Test to place the image anywhere to see if the image looks good on the right or left side.
  4. Include bullet points that summarize the advantage of using the product. It is easier to read landing pages using bullet points and short paragraphs. This lets your visitors browse the content of your website to find what they are looking for.
  5. You can put testimonials from past users. Never write false testimonials because your visitors will know.
  6. You can put the price of the product below your bullet points but still above the fold. This will get your readers to decide if they will push through. Never write a long landing page where individuals have to scroll down more than three times before they perform the desired action.
  7. You can put a “Buy Now” button under the price and another at the bottom of the landing page. This should also be connected to the ClickBank seller’s product page.

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