Add Value to Your Affiliate Marketing with Landing Pages

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Wondering how you can generate specific traffic to your affiliate website? You can drive traffic to your web page by writing articles and publishing it on article directories. This will attract visitors and get them to convert into potential customers eventually. Article marketing is one of the most effective ways to get visitors to go to your business website and once they arrive at your affiliate web page, you need to give them short information about your product or service. This is the reason why the first page that your visitor will see should be neat, interesting and attractive.

Upon clicking the link in the article that you wrote and submitted, the first page that your visitor sees is the landing page. If you have posted links of your website on online blogs and forums, they will also be directed to your landing page. Thus, the main purpose of your landing page is to add value to your online marketing campaign. This is achieved if it effectively transmits initial information to your visitors about your offer. If you capture the interest of your readers, most likely they will opt-in to your mailing list to get more information.

Missing the importance of the landing page

Regrettably, there are affiliate marketers that do not know how to take advantage of their landing page. The most common mistake is that they send their new visitors immediately to the seller’s sales page. This is not a good move because the home page of the seller might be disorganized and this will be confusing to the visitor. The worse thing is a badly written sales copy. When the visitor gets confused or does not see what he likes to see, he will lose interest and exit the page straightaway. This is a “lose-lose” situation for you and the seller.

What you should do

A good landing page should have a certain objective, probably to collect the name and email address of visitors. When you have their email address, you can direct them to the seller’s page through consecutive emails. If he seems to be not interested, you can send him follow up emails from time to time or market another affiliate product in the future.

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