2013 October

Adding Squeeze Pages to your Website

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Landing pages or squeeze pages are placed before index page in your website. One of the major purposes of landing pages is to obtain information from visitors so that they can be added to a mailing list for follow up in the future. The format is very easy with an offered incentive to collect client details. Incentives could be free reports, discount codes or coupons, newsletter subscriptions, or free information related to your niche.

When creating effective landing or squeeze pages, you will need an incentive offer, HTML editor, autoresponder service and an FTP program.


1. Prepare the incentive that you will offer in your landing page. Put into bullet points the benefits they can get from the incentive.

2. Write the page’s content. Start with a headline that can attract your visitors and brief follow-up sentences that will direct your visitors into details. A short form asking for visitor’s information should follow these sentences. Sometimes, arrows or images are used to highlight or emphasize the call to action.

The form is usually connected to an autoresponder. Once the visitor submits the form the visitor will be taken to the main website. A confirmation email will be sent and the visitors will be added to the mailing list.

3. You can set up the sign up form and the description of your incentive into the autoresponder. Examples are AWeber, Mailchimp and GetResponse. They have a code generator that you can add to your page. Choose your preferred template and enter the information you want to get from visitors. Most of the time, only the name and email address are requested.

You can get the HTML code from the form generator that you can add to your squeeze page or Javascript entry. The short Javascript entry will update the form automatically if you make modifications on the form generator later. You will have to save it and then upload again the code.

4. Using your HTML editor, create a centered table whose size is about 750 x 500 pixels and then input the sales copy for the page and the code generated for the form from your autoresponder. Inspect your page for errors in syntax, grammar and spelling.

5. You can now add your squeeze page to the website by using your HTML editor via the “publish” function, through the cPanel of your website via the “upload” function”, and lastly through an FTP program.

How to Develop Successful Landing Pages

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As an affiliate marketer or a website owner, it is very important to develop perfect landing pages because this is the only thing that can make your conversion rates soar. Before you stare blankly at this screen all day trying to figure out what you can do to get your visitors to act, here are some techniques that can help you create a sturdy landing page to achieve all of your goals.

  • The methods used in developing a perfect landing page involve the alignment of your landing page with your major goal. What you need to do is to focus your email message with your landing page. Your landing page should be the answer to the requirements of your visitors and the page should be designed according to your visitors’ expectations.
  • It is important to include a clear and accurate call to action message in your landing page. The content and design of your website and landing pages should be clean and organized to exhibit a professional image of you and your business. Also, it should be easy for your visitors to scan your website so that they can easily see and understand what you are offering. The design of your website is very critical because your visitors will see that your website has been designed by professionals, thus, creating a sense of trust.
  • Testimonials are great inclusions to your landing page because this will not only harness trust with your potential clients but they will also know that the product or service that you are offering is effective enough to help them in their needs. Reviews that you have gained from past and existing customers can also be included. But, be careful not to overdo it, just 3 to 4 testimonials or reviews is enough to convince your visitors. These should be placed strategically at the bottom area of your landing page beside your call to action button. To make your landing page more awesome, you can upload audio or video testimonials.

7 Steps to Optimize CPA Landing Pages and Get Higher Conversion

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Whatever industry you are involved in or the kind of audience that you are catering, your landing page’s goal boils down to one thing: it must be able to get your visitors to perform your predetermined conversion action. I’m sure that you have read my previous posts about mistakes website owners commit on their landing pages, so here are 7 simple fixes that you can do on your landing pages so can immediately see the results in your conversions.

1. Get Rid of Options

You should emphasize your conversion action in the page if it is make a sale, to download a certain offer, sign up a form, etc. Remove those unnecessary clickable links on the page.

2. Fulfill your Promises

Your visitors are somewhat expecting that they will be able to find the solution to their need or problem before they arrive on your page. They could come from PPC ads, article directories, blog posts, and others. It is very crucial to keep the relationship between the ad and the landing page.

3. Minimize distractions

A very colorful page with various font styles and sizes won’t help. Eliminate excessive images from the page as well as flash unless they are directly related to get your visitors perform the conversion action. Most of the time, simple yet optimized landing pages are the ones that really convert.

4. Establish trust

If your company is not well known globally, it can be difficult to get your visitors’ trust. However, you can minimize anxiety and establish trust by using secured shopping seals and other signs that you are legitimate and trustworthy. You can make use of acceptable payment methods, logos of trade associations and promise a money back guarantee so that your visitors won’t hesitate to transact with you.

5. Build rapport

You want visitors to know that your products or services are effective and recognized by other well-known companies. Show sources that have mentioned your company or display testimonials from existing customers in your landing pages.

6. Clear Call to Action

Your call to action should be clear enough so your visitors know what exactly will happen after they sign the form or clicks your link. Do not mess around with the areas surrounding the call to action because doing such could confuse the reader.

7. Reduce Texts

Believe it or not, a lot of people do not read every word written on your page. Study shows that landing pages with less content results to higher rates of conversion. Your landing page should only contain short but strong headlines and bullet points. Anyway, you can put links of your information and other details on supporting pages.

How to Enhance the Design of Your Landing Pages

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Landing pages give you the opportunity to impress your prospects. Many people who are into online businesses use these landing pages for several reasons and mostly for advertisements. Optimized landing pages can make your visitors read your page to learn more about the products and services that you offer.

Below are general tips that can help enhance the development and design of your landing pages.

• Make your page client-centered

This is where website owners usually make a mistake. Always keep in mind who your target audience is and what they are looking for in your page. There is no logic if you create a landing page about cars when your audience are looking for ways to lose weight. The very first step is to determine your target audience so you can focus the design and content of your page for your visitors. The main purpose of your page is to establish a connection between your audience and the goal you want to achieve. Your visitors could become loyal customers if you show them that you understand what they need.

• Only request for few information

If you are trying to capture leads or build your mailing list, you should always remember that people are very concerned about security of personal information. If you want to have people as newsletter subscribers, never ask them about their birth dates, contact numbers and home addresses. Asking for too much information can be suspicious that will result to losing your potential clients.

• Give rewards in exchange for information

The goal of your landing page design is to make your potential visitors give you the information that you need and to attract them with your rewards. An example is a free eBook that will give them useful tips for creating your own CPA landing page or send them informative emails from time to time. This can build your site’s reputation as the best source of information on a certain niche. When you start your emailing campaign, you can give them a free report as a loyalty reward. In this report, the link to your final landing page should be included which will let them buy your products and enjoy the benefits as stated in your report.

This strategy has been proven effective and with great results. You are giving your potential clients with practical information before you ask them to buy your product.

A thoroughly optimized landing page can deliver great results to your online business. It is also worth the time and resources invested in your campaign so that you can achieve success even in the long term.