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Why Landing Page Optimization is Better than SEO

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A greatly designed website is need to get your visitors attention; however, earning income from it entirely depends on effectively designed landing pages. Landing page optimization is good for business and it is the best move towards successful PPC campaigns. Each click directly takes the user to the page where your products or services are seen. So you can take a look at the strength of a neatly designed web page because this will serve as the main source for earning your revenues. PPC ads direct users to landing pages which will show the potential customer various products that your company promotes or sells. Did you hear about SEO professionals doing landing page optimization? This should not be confusing because web page optimization is not considered as a separate action. Optimizing landing pages is very crucial  and it should be taken up as seriously.

What SEO guys do:
SEO guys usually spend their entire day keeping their website on top position of search engine results and they do not focus on the home page or landing pages because it is also important that the landing page needs to be optimized as it is your storefront and the key to generating revenue for your company. If you spent your years optimizing your homepage and not your landing pages, then it’s about time to shift your focus. Your landing pages should look attractive enough to make your visitors turn into potential customers.

How to design a good landing page

Use keywords in the title
This is the very first thing that your visitors read. You need to carefully choose a title that has the right combination of keywords that you need. The keywords should be interesting enough for your readers to click your link quickly.

Make use of meta description
This is very important because meta description has high visibility rate in search engines and the descriptions give a short summary about what the website is all about and this will increase the chances of visitors to click your website.

Use keywords in your headline
If you use headings and subheadings properly then it will work well for the search engines to focus on the key areas and key content of the page.

Have a clear call to action on your landing page
This will prompt your visitors to do your desired action. This will also guide them while they are browsing your page.

Test your landing pages
You need to update and modify your web page regularly after every testing so that you can optimize the page to get a higher ranking. Remember that a good landing page should always be under construction to gain higher conversion rates and ranking.

Questions to Ask when Creating Effective Landing Pages

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Prior to writing the copy of your landing page, you need to scrutinize everything first. You have to determine the objective of your landing page and your target audience. You should also be familiar with the service or product you are offering before you start with your copy.

Here are questions you need to ask so that you can create successful landing pages:

1. What is your objective?

You need to identify your objective: are you trying to sell a product to people or are you trying to get them sign up for your monthly newsletter?

2. Who is your target audience?

Determine who your target audience is, because the more you know about your audience, the easier it is to get their attention.

3. Do you know your product or service offer?

Try to learn about the product or service you wish to sell before writing about it. It is not enough to write down the features, you need to highlight the benefits. This will catch the attention of your target customers. If you have already identified your objective, target audience and your offer, you can now move on to the next step of creating a blueprint that will make copywriting easier.

4. What is the problem of your target audience?

If you know and understand your target audience, then you know the problem being experienced by your audience. More often than not, there are visitors that are not aware that a problem exists, and it depends on you on how you can get them to recognize that problem.

5. Why was the problem not solved?

You need to state the reasons why previous attempts to solve the problem failed. Doing so will build the interest of your audience and they are expecting that the product or service you are offering is the true answer to their problem.

6. What will I get from your product or service?

You need to show your audience clearly what benefits they will get if once their problem has been solved.

7. How is my product or service different from the others?

This is your opportunity to prove to your audience how your offer is the best among the rest.

8. What do I want my audience to do?

You need to tell your audience clearly what you want them to do. This is known as the call-to-action. This could be online registration, buying the product, signing up for your newsletter, etc.

Once you have finished creating your landing page and made it live, ask your visitors if there is something they do not understand with your page. Then you can spend more time optimizing your landing page.

Add Value to Your Affiliate Marketing with Landing Pages

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landing page optimization target

Wondering how you can generate specific traffic to your affiliate website? You can drive traffic to your web page by writing articles and publishing it on article directories. This will attract visitors and get them to convert into potential customers eventually. Article marketing is one of the most effective ways to get visitors to go to your business website and once they arrive at your affiliate web page, you need to give them short information about your product or service. This is the reason why the first page that your visitor will see should be neat, interesting and attractive.

Upon clicking the link in the article that you wrote and submitted, the first page that your visitor sees is the landing page. If you have posted links of your website on online blogs and forums, they will also be directed to your landing page. Thus, the main purpose of your landing page is to add value to your online marketing campaign. This is achieved if it effectively transmits initial information to your visitors about your offer. If you capture the interest of your readers, most likely they will opt-in to your mailing list to get more information.

Missing the importance of the landing page

Regrettably, there are affiliate marketers that do not know how to take advantage of their landing page. The most common mistake is that they send their new visitors immediately to the seller’s sales page. This is not a good move because the home page of the seller might be disorganized and this will be confusing to the visitor. The worse thing is a badly written sales copy. When the visitor gets confused or does not see what he likes to see, he will lose interest and exit the page straightaway. This is a “lose-lose” situation for you and the seller.

What you should do

A good landing page should have a certain objective, probably to collect the name and email address of visitors. When you have their email address, you can direct them to the seller’s page through consecutive emails. If he seems to be not interested, you can send him follow up emails from time to time or market another affiliate product in the future.

10 Steps to Improve Your Landing Pages

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A lot of people are using landing / squeeze pages but they do not get them right. The money and time that they spent for creating landing pages are just put to waste. Squeeze pages require you to become creative. If you can’t do them yourself, ask an expert to do them for you. Below are some guidelines and strategy on landing page designs:

Step 1. Follow the usual first.

You will find examples of great squeeze pages in the internet. You need to find the most appropriate and related to your niche and copy it. If it becomes effective, there is no need to change it but you can tweak it eventually to get more conversions.

Step 2. Research and Research.

Find relevant landing pages on Google and utilize Alexa to help you know how good their content are and how related they are to your niche. You have to consider your target audience and use keyword search terms when writing content.

Step 3. Do not add anything unnecessary.

The main purpose of your squeeze page is to get the name and email address of your readers.  Anything that can distract your readers has negative effect on conversion rates. Never put other links that can confuse your visitor and your message should be very clear and direct to the point.

Step 4. Relate to your customers.

As you become more familiar with the elements of your squeeze pages, you will also know the do’s and don’ts when it comes to conversion. Two of the best conversion methods that you can employ are to add your signature to the bottom and your photograph in the left side under the headline area. This will let your visitors know that you and your offer are real.

Step 5. Offer the Solution to their Problem

You need to carefully choose your text and write your message. Make sure that the product you offer will absolutely solve your visitor’s problem and the amazing benefits that they can get if they subscribe or purchase.

Step 6. Keep information requests to a minimum

The biggest mistake that a seller can make is to ask too much information. The best thing to do is to keep information requests to a minimum like asking only for the name and email address. If you are offering a high end product, it is also practical to ask for their telephone number but indicate that it is only optional.

Step 7. Put a Time Frame to your offer

You must include a time frame to your offer and let them know that they will be missing very important information if they do not subscribe or buy your product. Give them also something for free to help establish relationship and obtain a much higher conversion rate.

Step 8. Put relevant information above the fold

Make sure that all of the significant information is located above the fold, so you should minimize unnecessary sidebars or advertisements that can distract your users.

Step 9. Include a Privacy Policy or Anti-Spam Message

You must inform your visitors immediately that their details won’t be used for anything else other than opt-in. Make them aware that you will not do anything to destroy your relationship with them.

Step 10. Test your Landing Pages From time to time

You need to improve your landing pages by testing them from time to time. The statistics can be used for analyzing your landing page in order for you to grow your business. The important information that you can use are the number of visitors and subscriptions. If the rates are below minimum, you need to change something. This is a continuous process of testing, tweaking, and improving until you reach your goal.


How to Make Clickbank Promotions Landing Page?

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Clickbank is used by sellers mainly to market their products and when they make a sale, gives a certain percentage to their affiliates. Affiliates help sellers close a sale. They work together; the seller gives products images, keywords and sales copy that they can use on the landing pages of affiliates. There are pages or banners that contain a link when once clicked, customers are sent to the seller’s pitch page, and that is one way to increase sales. One must create an effective landing page so that users will convert into customers.

A landing page must have an eye-catching headline, product images, the benefits of the product, price, testimonials or product reviews and a “buy now” button.

Steps for Making a Landing Page

  1. Buy a domain name that contains the name of the product that you are trying to market. You can just connect that domain to a page on a free site that you own. Examples are, and
  2. Come up with an appealing headline at the top of the page. Write a call to action that can attract your readers. The recommended font size is 16 to 18 and in bold. You can also use a different color on the font. An example will be: “Stop Pain in Minutes.” That alone can tell your readers what your eBook or product can do for them.
  3. Put a product image and the benefits of buying the item. Test to place the image anywhere to see if the image looks good on the right or left side.
  4. Include bullet points that summarize the advantage of using the product. It is easier to read landing pages using bullet points and short paragraphs. This lets your visitors browse the content of your website to find what they are looking for.
  5. You can put testimonials from past users. Never write false testimonials because your visitors will know.
  6. You can put the price of the product below your bullet points but still above the fold. This will get your readers to decide if they will push through. Never write a long landing page where individuals have to scroll down more than three times before they perform the desired action.
  7. You can put a “Buy Now” button under the price and another at the bottom of the landing page. This should also be connected to the ClickBank seller’s product page.

QR Codes and Landing Pages

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The success of your business depends on a lot of factors and the effectiveness of your website’s landing page is one. Due to the advancing technology, it is also important to consider QR codes when designing landing pages.

What is a QR code?

QR stands for “Quick Response” because they can be easily scanned and read by your smart phone. They are being used to obtain data from a transient media and are transmitted into your mobile phone. You will be able to see details about businesses or a URL which will direct you to a website. They are useful because they can store and show more data than standard barcodes.

Optimizing your landing page for QR code

We all know that the purpose of landing pages is to grab the attention of your visitors and get them to convert eventually. So it is important for you to communicate appropriately to your visitors so that they will turn into leads. Once a visitor lands onto your landing page, you are both establishing a trusting relationship with one another. It is assumed that they could be interested with the product or service that you are offering.

Visitors come to your website from different places, such as a link in an email they received, a link from an advertisement or through a QR code. But what is important is that they arrived on your landing page. Your visitors are unique if they arrived on your landing page via a QR code. This should give you an idea what design you should do with your landing page.

Effective interaction with mobile devices

It is important that your landing page is optimized so that visitors can navigate through their mobile devices easily. The design of your QR code landing page is very crucial because a lot of potential customers can come through QR codes. You need to ensure that everything works perfectly to get the best positive end result. When it comes to QR landing page design, here are some factors that you should keep in mind:

  1. Placement of the QR code
  2. QR code visibility
  3. Page loading time
  4. Accessibility of the QR code

Make sure that you create a functional and useful landing page so that your visitors can get what they need quickly and easily. People nowadays rely on their mobile phones more than ever, so you need to keep up with the intricacies of technology today. Remember that QR codes will lead more visitors to your website so you need to provide them with the best so you can get them to convert.

Landing Page Best Practices for Google Adwords Campaign

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A successful Google AdWords campaign is based on the combination of right keywords, quality advertisements and effective landing page. The quality score factors are being considered by Google AdWords in identifying the rank of an advertisement and its CPC or cost-per-click.

Website owners use landing pages to get higher quality score and higher conversion rates. Before creating a Google AdWords campaign, keep in mind that people have specific needs and they are looking for solutions. They click your ad because they think that you have the answer to their problem. Therefore, your ad should match the landing page where visitors are directed to.

Landing Pages Basic Best Practices

1.      The Copy and the Length should be brief yet precise.

You need to incorporate keywords into the copy and must be original yet concise. Visitors should be able to obtain enough information about the thing that they are looking for so that they can proceed to the desired action. Yet, avoid information overload so you don’t confuse the user and distract them from clicking the button.

2.      Only ask for minimal user information

If you are getting user information for newsletter subscription or lead generation, it is important to keep form fields to minimum. Users might not be comfortable enough to fill out very personal data.

3.      Include Company Logo and Organize Design Elements

Ideally, the logo should be posted in the upper left corner of the page. Some visual elements can be added in the page but make sure that these do not affect the loading time of the page. They should also be organized.

4.      Make use of a headline and bullets

Headlines enable users that they are at the right page. The content should be broken into parts and can be read easily. Paragraphs should be direct to the point and kept short. Bullet points should also be utilized whenever possible.

5.      Fonts and Colors should match the brand guidelines.

The color and size of the font should be easily read by visitors as well as the background colors. Avoid as much distraction as possible.

Why You Should Create Mobile Landing Pages

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All landing pages, whether desktop or mobile landing pages, have things in common. A sign-in form or a pay now button is located at the bottom of the landing page so that visitors can quickly fill up the form for a free newsletter or offer or to make payments. Squeeze pages for mobile are accessible to every visitor. But, there is a current change in traffic caused by the use of tablets and smartphones at present.

How to create good mobile landing pages

Mobile landing pages should be easily accessible and comes with a tab to click. This is one opportunity to get in touch with thousands of potential customers who rely on their gadgets. You need to plan ahead of time on how you can create an effective and distinctive landing page. Landing page construction is easy for experienced web developers, but the best way is to seek professional help that can assist you with mobile landing pages creation.

Landing Pages in relation to Smartphones

Before you start, you should first identify who your target audience is so you can optimize your landing pages accordingly. Designs should be created that are compatible with Apple, Android and Windows Devices.

For example, if you target business people, then you can assume that BlackBerry users visit the site. You have to make screen resolution adjustments to fit the screens of BlackBerry phones. If you are using mobile website and landing page building program, this feature is probably present. Otherwise, the standard screen resolution should be customized according to the sizes of devices. The width is another thing to check because you do not wish for your visitor to scroll down to see the content.

Changes to the Older Version of your Mobile Landing Pages

You can use the existing page as guide for modifying your mobile landing pages. The homepage should come first before introducing the squeeze page. The headline should be resized to fit the screen’s width and visitors should be able to read the text at 100% zoom.

The text of the landing page need not be made bigger because visitors can always zoom in when reading. The sign up form should have less fields that should be completed or else, the visitor will be forced to leave your website immediately. Keep requested information to minimum, such as the name and email address. But if you are doing an SMS campaign, then you can require a phone number.

Adding Squeeze Pages to your Website

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Landing pages or squeeze pages are placed before index page in your website. One of the major purposes of landing pages is to obtain information from visitors so that they can be added to a mailing list for follow up in the future. The format is very easy with an offered incentive to collect client details. Incentives could be free reports, discount codes or coupons, newsletter subscriptions, or free information related to your niche.

When creating effective landing or squeeze pages, you will need an incentive offer, HTML editor, autoresponder service and an FTP program.


1. Prepare the incentive that you will offer in your landing page. Put into bullet points the benefits they can get from the incentive.

2. Write the page’s content. Start with a headline that can attract your visitors and brief follow-up sentences that will direct your visitors into details. A short form asking for visitor’s information should follow these sentences. Sometimes, arrows or images are used to highlight or emphasize the call to action.

The form is usually connected to an autoresponder. Once the visitor submits the form the visitor will be taken to the main website. A confirmation email will be sent and the visitors will be added to the mailing list.

3. You can set up the sign up form and the description of your incentive into the autoresponder. Examples are AWeber, Mailchimp and GetResponse. They have a code generator that you can add to your page. Choose your preferred template and enter the information you want to get from visitors. Most of the time, only the name and email address are requested.

You can get the HTML code from the form generator that you can add to your squeeze page or Javascript entry. The short Javascript entry will update the form automatically if you make modifications on the form generator later. You will have to save it and then upload again the code.

4. Using your HTML editor, create a centered table whose size is about 750 x 500 pixels and then input the sales copy for the page and the code generated for the form from your autoresponder. Inspect your page for errors in syntax, grammar and spelling.

5. You can now add your squeeze page to the website by using your HTML editor via the “publish” function, through the cPanel of your website via the “upload” function”, and lastly through an FTP program.